The world faces in many aspects major challenges and changes. Changes that in the near future will affect us, our society and how we live much more than what many people have not yet understood.

Future innovations and new technologies are here today. The society that is developed and created today must be based on how we will live in the future. Not how it looks today.

We work with innovation, concept development and project development with the aim to constantly make the physical parts of the world more beautiful, safer and better.



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Construction and real estate are often questioned for its bad efficiency, high cost, low quality and lack of innovation and development. The problems are known, but a series of setbacks over the years has led to a fear of new materials, new production methods, new architecture mm. Although society, human needs and technology today and tomorrow looks completely different we build in much the same way as we did 100 years ago.

Urban Responsibility is about challenging and questioning ingrained habits and patterns. We work with innovative concepts, from small parts of a building to major social changes. We are innovators with the aim to offer society a completely new approach with products that are more cost effective, more environmentally friendly and with higher quality than today's construction and real estate market are able to deliver.


We help property owners to analyze real estate. With our partners, we do technical analysis, cost calculations and tenant analyzes. We create a digital 3D analysis model in which we work with the customer takes out a vision for how the property can best be dveloped, development rights, new uses, new tenants and more.


Cities evolve and change. New roads, new infrastructure, new housing, etc. are emerging. In an urbanized city there is serious shortage of zoned land. Companies, construction companies and project developers are constantly looking for new land to exploit. We help our customers to find the perfect location for their business. We follow the developments and has the creativity and skills to see new opportunities.


We try to follow and influence the changes taking place in society. In some projects, we work together with several landowners and municipalities in order to find strategies and structures for long-term development.


We work with architecture and design by weaving together all the elements and all the stakeholders' interests, wishes and dreams for a perfect result. We constantly strive technical perfection, minimal use of resources and trying to find architectural expressions that create a positive feeling and energy for both users and the viewer.

Our architecture takes the step into the future with innovative materials, flexible solutions and new ways of thinking.


In our projects, we have the ambition to give back to the local environment. Projects direct to lift even the, from the small to the large. We invest in research and innovation for more efficient better concepts and products.


Natural Architecture is a concept that is about to take advantage of nature's own resources and using these to shape the land, terrain, infrastructure and buildings so that they are in harmony with nature, its natural colors, soft shapes and great material. Cautiously, we take care of the place from its natural condition and natural energy flows.


In most of our projects we make a digital analysis model. In the analysis model we put together for the project important information such as property data, geological data, information planes, surfaces, volumes, quantities etc. We test structures, volumes, design, architecture, etc. We use the model as a base for negosiations, calculations and investments.

Together with our customers we work with the analysis model, discusses and presents. The model is a powerful tool that strengthens us in our joint work on the project. We cut time, costs and detect errors in time.

In the digital model, we can twist and turn, zoom in and out indefinitely. From a global perspective down to individual small parts of the building. All in the same model.


We are innovators and visionaries, we look into the future. New technology presented today we transform into the scenarios and visions for the future, then woven into our projects. Electric cars are available and more coming. Automakers are struggling with the cars that are too quiet and Cityplanners still Think of noise as a major problem. Mercedes announced a few years ago they would have self-driving cars on the market by 2022. They are now ready for 2 years and Tesla is already there. How does this affect the cityplan?

100 years ago, the peasants moved to the cities to work in the factory, factories went over to offices, manufacturing became services. Now the services, offices, customers and employees become digital and working in the cloud. And how is it now? Offices becomes redundant  and decreases traffic over time. People will take control of their own time. Researchers track now that 40% of the US population within 10 years is to employ themselves.

The result? Office or home, meeting places, sports, leisure or work time? Old truths and structures foiled. Opportunities that future researchers spoke of 15 years ago is not an utopia. It is here and more is to come.

It now remains to get the rest of society share. The school? If we look back in 50 years we may think it was strange that the children would get up in the morning, cold and dark, to get to the school premises. The school will, whether you like it or not become digital and available to everyone, everywhere and with the best teachers - an Aviaor!

We take with us scenarios and visions of our projects and discuss with our customers. The future is here and we are working to make it better for everyone, a great challenge, but for us the only conceivable way.


Project development is about to run a project from a vision to a finished result. We work both with own and other projects through the entire process and ensures that the results are met in the best way.

Development of society, land and real estate requires a great understanding of the stages, how the actors are and how each contributes to the end result. The various players are specialists in their own fields but lack the knowledge and understanding of the other actors' work and needs.

The first step in the process is about identifying the needs of the end customer often the tenant (1). Then we need to identify the right land for the purpose (2). Sometimes there is a current zonar plan, sometimes a new one is needed. Municipalities heve the planning monopoly and control over the planning process and building permits (3). Once these steps are identified necessary investment capital for land, planning and construction (4). Investors may be long-term owners or the owner of the project only during construction.

A thorough detailed planning is done by the consultants and architects with excellence. Now the cost of the project increase. During the detailed design phase, it is beneficial to entrepreneurs to come in early and can participate and influence the design, materials and technical solutions. Before the start of construction, we have completed a project projected (5).

During construction  its required regular contact and meetings with contractors, municipalities and other authorities. Once the building is complete surrender occurs and inspections (6).

In the facilities management phase the building is trimmed in and ensured that everything works as it should. Special management business sites on the solid knowledge that should be taken at an early stage of the process (7)

The last step in the process we call transaction. It takes purchase and sale of properties and projects. Realtors, appraisers, banks, investors, etc. working here with real estate as an investment.


Provided that our customers have the same values that we have so we always put the customer first. We want to be a support to our customers and help them achieve their unique visions and dreams.

We try to prioritize quality and positive societal benefits before financial incentives. Development of land and properties affect many people for a long time. We want our customers to create projects that make a positive impact for both today's society and future generations.


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